Who are we?

SOS Shelter our students is a campaign organized by a coalition of different student groups, who are concerned about the housing situation in Groningen. The groups involved are ROOD Groningen, Democratische Academie Groningen, Groningen Feminist Network, Groninger Studentenbond, Internationale Socialisten and Lijst Calimero.

What is the problem?

We got together because we anticipate that there will be a huge housing crisis at the beginning of the academic year. An estimated 1300 more students than last year will join the university, and students who stayed elsewhere last year because of online education now have to return. Despite this, the university is only providing 195 beds in emergency housing. We have been asking for months for this to be increased, but the university is not listening. We expect that at the beginning of this academic year there will be students homeless in Groningen.

What are we going to do?

Everyone deserves a roof over their head. Therefore we continue campaigning for enough emergency housing now, as well as structural solutions to the housing problem in Groningen. Next to this, we are organizing a couch surfing action. People needing a temporary house can stay for a few days or longer with someone else. For example, maybe in the bedroom of a child that left for university in another town, on the couch in your student house, or on an air mattress in your living room.